Boston boating accident grounds ferry on Fourth of July weekend; 174 people evacuated

A Boston boating accident involved a tour boat on Saturday and resulted in the evacuation of all 174 passengers and crew members from the ferry, which ran aground in Boston Harbor, NECN reported.

A Boston injury lawyer should always be consulted when someone is injured in a mass transportation accident, whether on a subway, bus or ferry boat or on a tour bus, cruise or other tourist attraction. Companies that provide mass transportation have an obligation to ensure the safety of passengers. A ferry boat that inexplicably runs aground can cause serious or fatal injuries.

The ship ran aground Saturday at 10 a.m., about a mile and a half off the coast of Deer Island. The boat began taking on water and the crew was forced to evacuate everyone on board.

The 168 passengers were taking part in a whale watch and four were injured by the sudden impact. Passengers walking off the rescue vessel described the accident as chaotic, scary and frightening.

Many of the passengers were visitors to Boston for the holiday weekend and had hoped to get a nice tour of Massachusetts Bay.

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the accident, according to the Patriot-Ledger.

The boat apparently veered out of well-marked channel and ran aground on a rocky shoal. The shallow area is a known hazard and well-marked on navigation maps.

The crew of the M/V Massachusetts were tested for drug and alcohol use as part of the investigation. The 87-foot vessel is often used for commuter-boat service from Hingham and is owned by Massachusetts Bay Lines.

Several Coast Guard officials said they have never seen an accident in that location, as it is one that experienced boaters steer clear of.

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