Massachusetts trooper injured after being struck by passing motorist

A Massachusetts state trooper suffered a leg injury after being hit by a passing car during a traffic stop, the Boston Globe reported.

As we reported last month on our Boston Personal Injury Attorney Blog, more than half of all law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty die as a result of a traffic accident. In fact, traffic accidents are a leading cause of Massachusetts work injuries. Employees, including law enforcement and construction workers, who are injured in a traffic accident while on the job should consult a Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer to help protect their rights.

The trooper was treated and released from North Shore Medical Center-Union Hospital in Lynn and is expected to be on injury leave for several days. Shortly after midnight July 4, the trooper had pulled over a driver who had swerved into the breakdown lane of southbound Route 128. A passing silver sedan sideswiped the trooper, who attempted to jump out of the way. The car struck the trooper’s leg and did not stop.

If caught, the driver could face a range of charges, including violation of Massachusetts Move Over Law, which requires motorists to move over and slow down when approaching stopped emergency vehicles or maintenance vehicles with activated flashing lights.

Police are asking anyone with information on the identity of the driver to contact the State Police barracks in Danvers at 978-538-6161.

Our Massachusetts injury lawyers reported last month that a 52-year-old trooper was killed on I-95 when he was struck by a passing vehicle during a car stop. Both drivers in that case have been charged with drunk driving.

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