Barnstable Collision With State Police Causes Injury to Local Man

A male was transported to Cape Code Hospital on Tuesday evening because he sustained injuries in a multi-vehicle accident. The West Barnstable Fire Barnstable multi-vehicle collision injuryDepartment reports that the side-swipe accident included a Massachusetts State Police patrol car.

First responders were dispatched at nearly 7 p.m. to Route 149 near Osterville-West Barnstable Road. Firefighters had to use their equipment to remove the driver from the car who was then transported for medical treatment.

There were other individuals who sustained injuries, but were not transported to the hospital.

Side-swipe Lawsuits

Side-swipe accident means what it sounds like, an accident where vehicles collided on each others’ side. There are rarely side impact air bags, so these kinds of accidents are especially dangerous. Injuries sustained from such severe side impact include head injuries, brain trauma,broken bones, and whiplash. Since our roadways are often surrounded by medians and utility poles, a side-swipe accidents also result in a double impact. A side-swipe accident pushes one, if not both vehicles, into one of those barriers or utility poles.

It is typically fairly easy to determine who is at fault in a side-swipe accident, the vehicle that veered from its lane to collide with the other vehicle. This usually occurs due to a driver who was not paying attention as they were merging into the next lane. Distracted driving is most certainly a cause of side-swipe accidents, as is a driver who is under the influence. Sometimes, a driver tries to do the right thing and swerve to avoid an object in the road but loses control and side-swipes the vehicle.

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