Aerosmith guitarist injured in Massachusetts motorcycle accident

The Middleboro, Massachusetts motorcycle accident that injured Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is a reminder to motorists to watch for bikes through the height of summer riding season and into the fall.

The Boston Herald reported that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was rear ended by a 62-year-old retired grandmother of six kids while riding his Italian racing bike. The woman didn’t realize who she had hit until told by officers who responded to the scene.

“Of all the people to hit, it had to be a rock star,” the woman’s daughter-in-law said. The two women had been shopping in Plymouth and were returning home in separate vehicles when the crash happened at Routes 44 and 105.

Perry was not seriously injured and was resting at home, according to the band’s manager, who said she did not know what the rocker was doing in Middleboro. The woman was cited for following too closely. A relative said she bumped the bike with her Chevy Malibu when the guitarist’s Ducati motorcycle stalled in the intersection while she was riding behind him.

Police said he suffered minor scrapes and was taken by ambulance to Morton Hospital in Taunton.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports a total of 5,290 motorcyclists were killed in 2008 and 96,000 riders were injured. Massachusetts motorcycle accidents killed 41 riders that year.

Statistics show more than half of all motorcycle accidents are the fault of another vehicle on the road. The most common cause of accidents is failure to yield to an oncoming rider while turning or entering the roadway from a parking lot or private drive.

Following too closely, and rear-end collisions, are also among the most common causes of Boston motorcycle accidents.

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