Boston car accident involving Duck Boat latest in a series of crashes involving the tourism industry

A Boston car accident injured five people and involved seven vehicles and a duck boat on Friday afternoon, the Boston Herald reported.

It was second duck boat accident in Boston last week. A boat and two cars were involved in an accident near Government Center on Tuesday when three women on their way to a wedding tried to drive around a duck boat.

Friday’s accident occurred shortly after noon on the ramp to Charles Street Circle from Embankment Road westbound, according to the Massachusetts State Police.

Police said seven vehicles were towed from the scene and the injured were transported to area hospitals. A manager of Boston Duck Tours said a piece of radio equipment on the boat dislodged and blocked the brake pedal.

The boat was taken to the Boston State Police barracks for inspection by the commercial vehicle enforcement team. Mechanical error and operator error will both be investigated as possible causes.

This incident is the latest in a recent string of mishaps involving the tourism industry. As we reported on our Boston Personal Injury Attorney Blog, a tour boat ran aground in Boston Harbor over the Fourth of July weekend, resulting in the evacuation of all 174 passengers and crew members on board.

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