Unsafe Roads

It is easy to think that all car accidents happen because of the actions of one or more drivers. However, sometimes the driver will have zero fault. This is the case when there are unsafe roads that are the cause of the accident. Massachusetts personal injury attorney unsafe roads

When the conditions of the road or highway are what led to your accident and injury you would be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in a couple of ways. One would be suing the government because the highway was improperly designed or cared for, and that is exactly what caused your accident. Sometimes, another driver does hit you and will blame the road. However, you would be able to still sue the driver in a personal injury lawsuit because the driver did not take into account the bad conditions while driving. The driver should have still tried to drive as safely as possible, and if he or she did not do so then he or she is liable to you for the negligent behavior.

The attorneys at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers are ready to handle personal injury cases in these types of situations. Nearly all the cases that are handled are personal injury cases to allow us to build the experience needed to be as successful as possible.

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