Avoid These After a Car Accident

Preparing yourself for what to do after a car accident is important. But, it can be equally as important to remember what not to do.

Do not make any statements to your insurance company unless and until your coverage is explained to you. You do not have to consent to the conversation being recorded either. Massachusetts personal injury attorney what not to do after accident

Do not just take what the insurance company or contractor say is their belief of your total loss. This number may be lower than what your actual property loss is. It is important to also obtain legal advice and representation before you sign any documentation with the insurance company or their contractors. This is especially true when it comes to settling your claim. Do not let your personal circumstances affect your ability to get the most compensation possible. Along with not accepting any documentation from your insurance company that requires your signature, do not accept a check from them that purports to be a settlement of all your claims even though you have not signed anything.

Do not overlook any special requirements of your policy. This is why it is important to know what is expected of you under your policy after a car accident. Hiring an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney can help you avoid any mistakes here. Remember, your insurance policy is a contract that the company is bound to adhere to, this is why you need an attorney to make sure they hold up their end of the bargain.

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