This Common Behavior Increases Your Risk of A Car Accident According to Research

It is common knowledge that driving is most dangerous when driving on an unknown route. Distracted driving accident Massachusetts lawyers

The risk in that scenario increases when the driver is following another driver to a final destination. It is the worry of losing the car in front of you that distracts the driver.

Doing everything possible to remain in the line of sight of the driver is what contributes to the risk of accident.

Dangerous Acts

When someone is following behind another car, they are more likely to act in risky ways like as speeding, following too closely, or unsafe lane changes. Many of these behaviors are for the purpose of staying in line with the car in front, so as not to get lit. unfortunately, this is what will be the cause of a vehicle accident.


A research by Frontiers in Psychology focused on the acts of drivers when they are following another driver to a destination. Researchers found that it was a scenario that did in fact increase the risk of an accident. The study controlled for individual drivers’ normal driving as well as for the driving habits of the drivers around them.

If you must drive somewhere you are new to, you should avoid following in a second vehicle. Instead,ask for a ride or take public transportation. Both of these are much safer methods. If you have been injured in a car accident in Massachusetts, contact the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers for your consultation. Call us today at (617) 777-7777.

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