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1073287_beer-300x200Shirley, MA (July 8, 2018) – Previously we brought you the story of a DUI crash in Shirley, Massachusetts that claimed the life of one woman.  The crash occurred on June 28 when a vehicle, driving by 39 year old Victoria Marble, crossed the center at 134 Great Road and struck another vehicle head on.  Marble was later arrested and charged with OUI.

The other driver, who died at the hospital, has now been identified as Rebecca Allen of Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  Allen was out that evening with a friend, Tom Senn.  Senn was a passenger in Allen’s vehicle.  He also suffered serious injuries, including nine broken ribs along with hip and foot injuries.  Senn is still in the hospital at this time as he recovers from his injuries.   Allen’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday, July 7th.

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