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A resident of a South Dartmouth nursing home was alive at the age of 100 to celebrate her birthday with her son and his three children.  She was dead a month later, and it was not a natural death according to a recent New York Times article.  Police said her roommate put a plastic shopping bag over her head and strangled and suffocated her to death. Her alleged assailant was 97 years old at the time of her death.

mmUMQT0The alleged attacker was suffering from senile dementia, but the prosecutors decided to charge her with murder.  Police never investigated the nursing home in connection with this tragic death, and that is part of the problem for the victim’s family.  The nursing home has said the two women argued occasionally, as people do, but generally got along pretty well.  With respect to the criminal case, the defendant was deemed not competent to stand trial and was committed to a state hospital.  Continue reading

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