Springfield’s Bradley Road Shut Down After Overnight Crash

Springfield police shut down Bradley Road early this morning due to a car accident. The vehicle hit a pole in the middle of the night. The road was closed for hours. Springfield's Bradley Road Shut Down After Overnight Crash

According to Springfield Police Sgt. Piemonte the collision occurred around 4 a.m.

There were no injuries reported and the driver was the only one on the vehicle. There was extensive damage to the pole, such that an Eversource crew was dispatched to begin repairs.

Bradley Road re-opened around 3 p.m. The Springfield Police Department is still undergoing a review of the accident to determine the cause.

Nighttime Car Accidents

Traffic accident death rate are three times higher in the evening and middle of the night that during daylight hours. Approximately 40,000 motorists are killed in car collision annually in this country, and nearly half of those resulting in death happened at night. This is even the case, where there is significantly less traffic at night.

While weather, poor road conditions, and other factors can make driving unsafe at times, driving in the evening an activity many motorist engage in often. However, even the most well-traveled roads can look different in the dark, which makes it difficult to see other motorist, pedestrians, and animals.

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