Severe weather increases risks of Boston work accidents, premise liability accidents

The Occupation Safety & Health Administration is reminding New England employers of the dangers of Boston work accidents, and work injuries elsewhere in the Northeast, that can result from winter weather and snow removal.

Our Boston, Massachusetts workers compensation lawyers and premise liability attorneys understand the risk of serious or even fatal injuries that winter weather, icy and snowy parking lots and walking surfaces, and other winter conditions can bring to employees and customers alike.
“Cleaning up after a storm encompasses a variety of tasks, each of which can carry risks if performed incorrectly or without proper safeguards,” said Marthe Kent, OSHA’s regional administrator in Boston. “We want people to know what those risks are and what steps they can take to protect themselves against these hazards.”

Hazards can include:

-Electric shock from downed power lines or underground equipment.

-Being struck by trees or other structures that collapse beneath the weight of snow.

-Chainsaw accidents or accidents involving snow blowers and other heavy equipment.

-Motor vehicle accidents.

-Falls from roofs, lifts or ladders.

-Carbon monoxide poisoning from generators, heaters and other power equipment that is not properly ventilated.

-Falls from snow or icy walking surfaces.

-Hypothermia, frost bite and other injuries from cold exposure.

Safety Tips Include:

-Coordinate downed power lines with utility companies.

-Use effective fall protection.

-Use caution around surfaces weighted with snow.

-Make sure electrical equipment is properly grounded and gas-powered equipment is properly ventilated.

-Wear appropriate eye and body protection.

-Clear walking surfaces of snow and ice and use salt or its equivalent where needed.

-Establish clearly marked work zones.

-Wear reflective clothing.

-Wear clothing appropriate for weather conditions, take plenty of breaks.

Information on safe cleanup after severe weather is available here.

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