Rider Plans to Bike during Hub On Wheels Event after Massachusetts Bicycling Accident

“This year, I wanted to mark the one-year anniversary of me getting hit, with something, and it was all too convenient that Hub on Wheels was just five days after that anniversary. It made perfect sense,” said South Boston resident Jodi Sperber.

Sperber was involved in a Massachusetts bicycle accident last year on Route 20 and to celebrate her recovery and to help support our local riders, she’ll be participating in this year’s “Hub on Wheels” event. The 50-mile ride will take place on September 25th in Boston as a part of the mayor’s daylong celebration of bicycling, according to the Boston Globe.
Our Boston bicycling accident attorneys understand the risks that bicyclists face on our roadways statewide, which is why we see the importance in events such as the Hub on Wheels. During this event, riders and residents are invited to come out and enjoy the all-day celebration, with kid’s races, sport professionals, entertainment and educational programs to help beginner riders to learn about a bicyclist’s rules of the road. Professional riders will be on site to perform demonstrations showcasing their skills.

During Sperber’s bicycling accident, she was making her routine commute to Brandeis University, where she was attending classes in pursuit of her doctorate. The accident happened when she was blindsided by a car that was making a turn at an intersection.

It took her nearly a year to recover from the injuries she sustained in the accident, including broken toes and a broken wrist. The accident hasn’t stopped her, but she has gained more awareness. She says that she was always the safest rider, always wearing a helmet, stopping at all traffic lights and obey all road rules, but now she’ll be wearing brighter clothing, equipping her bike with more lights and will be riding more aggressively.

Sperber’s bike is her main form of transportation to and from her home in South Boston. She begs both bikers and motorists to be more aware of one another on our roadways.

“I think it’s just bikers not understanding the rules, just as much as drivers not understanding the rules,” says Sperber.

We would like to invite you to come out and participate in the 7th annual Hub On Wheels event. The main focus of this event is the citywide bike ride that will be taking place on Sunday, September 25th. Riders will be able to enjoy a car-free Storrow Drive, bike through the scenic Boston Harbor and explore hidden pathways and historic neighborhoods in our area.

The ride will both begin and end on City Hall Plaza in downtown Boston. There are three different bicycling routes that riders can choose from. There are 10-mile, 30-mile and 50- mile routes available to riders. Riders are urged to sign up now.

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