Productivity figures show workers doing more with less; increased risk of Massachusetts work accident the likely result

Record gains in multifactor productivity mean American workers are doing more with less — a work environment that often increases the risk of a serious or fatal Boston work accident.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports multifactor productivity increased by .7 percent in 2009, the fastest rate of growth in five years. Multifactor productivity measures the change in output versus combined input of labor and capital. In other words, employers are getting more out of workers, for less expense, than at anytime since 2005.
In fact, both capital improvements and labor input experienced the largest decline since reporting began in 1987. The associated increase comes from the fact that remaining employees did more with less than ever before.

Of course, it is no secret that employers have cut staff and are delaying capital improvements until an economic recovery is certain. Nor should it comes as a surprise that when investment in plant and equipment is delayed in a work environment where employees fear the threat of layoffs or downsizing, the risk of a Massachusetts work accident increases even as employees feel more pressure to let small accidents go unreported.

When an employee is injured on the job, consulting a Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer is the best option. Rules are in place to prevent an employer from retaliating against an injured worker. And failing to report a work accident can prevent you from making a claim in the event that your injury becomes more serious months, or even years later. The tragic irony is that properly reporting a work accident, and seeking access to a qualified attorney, can actually increase your job security while recovering from an injury. Tragically, workers who fear losing their job often choose keeping their mouth shut and their head down and thus lose the ability to protect themselves and their families from economic loss associated with a work accident.

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