Parking Spaces Making More Spaces for Smaller Vehicles

According to the Boston Transportation Department, the city is now done with its Scooter and Motorcycle Parking Program in a number of areas in the Financial District.

Officials say there are going to be close to 20 parking spots that will soon be established to help to provide those who ride motorcycles and scooters in the area with a place to park with a meter. These spots will mimic the close to 40 slots that were installed on Boylston and Newbury Streets in the Back Bay back in 2010.
“The Back Bay parking slots are popular, there is demand to create more of them, and the Financial District is another busy area of the City where we expect that parking slots will be utilized regularly,” said Thomas J. Tinlin, the Transportation Commissioner.

Our Boston personal injury attorneys understand that scooters and motorcycles are a popular form of transportation in the area, especially during the warmer months. These vehicles offer drivers a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city.

New Parking Slots Will be Located:

-Four spaces between Wendell and Franklin Streets on Batterymarch Street.

-Four spaces at India Street on Milk Street.

-Four spaces at Oliver Street on High Street.

-Three spaces between High Street and Purchase Street on Pearl Street.

These spaces are all a part of the Complete Streets program. This is an approach to transportation creation, planning and projects that the city started a few years ago to help to make sure that our streets are not only environmentally friendly, but that they’re accommodating to everyone.

To make room for the new spots, officials will be taking out three metered spots in each area, in addition to curb space that is unregulated. Typically, normal parking spots are about 20-feet long. Since the new spots are only 5-feet long, we can park four motorcycles and/or scooters in the same space.

To park in these new spots, it’s only a quarter an hour. Regular sports are $1.25 an hour. There’s also no time limit at these spots. Most normal spots for passenger vehicles have a 2-hour time limit.

With this program growing each passing day, the government is starting to grab on to the benefits of these kinds of alternative transportation methods in the big-city environment. These smaller vehicles produce less pollution, they help to alleviate congestion, they help to sustain the environment and they take up less space when parking.

Regardless of where they park, travelers need to be cautious when traveling with these smaller vehicles. Scooter riders and motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury and death in the event of a traffic accident. Remember that they have rights to our roadways too, and they need to be treated with the same respect as any other driver. Help to keep them safe out there and travel courteously.

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