October Snow Storm Brings Inconveniences and Injuries to New England

Our state is getting serious snow super early this year. Last weekend, Boston got an inch of snow while Cambridge saw 1-2 inches. This snowfall was extremely rare for October.

Some parts of western Massachusetts saw more than a foot of snow, paralyzing parts of the Northeast. The storm left more than 620,000 residents without power. It started out with heavy rains and ended with a wicked snowstorm. Many towns in western Massachusetts broke their record for snowfall in for the entire month of October.

Boston’s record for October snowfall still sits at 1.1 inches, which was set back in 2005. Worcester broke the record with the largest margin at 14.6 inches of snow.
As of November 1st, Western Massachusetts Electric Co. reported that more than 90,000 of its 210,000 plus customers still didn’t have electricity. Power outages aren’t the only inconvenience residents in the area are facing. With the wicked weather we have wicked driving conditions. Roadways throughout the state were icy and covered in snow. These conditions, no matter how careful the driver, can produce serious risks of car accidents in Massachusetts. Two people in Massachusetts have died from car accidents in the snowy weather already.

Our Boston car accident attorneys understand that businesses have been closed, school has been canceled and Halloween has been postponed in some areas. Officials report that it could be days before some residents see the power restored to their homes and businesses. Governor Deval L. Patrick urges all residents who are without power to remain patient.

“This is a house-by-house, branch-by-branch kind of response,” said Patrick.

About 700 guardsmen are posted throughout the state. In addition to the two motorists who were killed on our roadways, another man has died because of a downed power line.

Worcester, Massachusetts’ officials have asked parents to hold Halloween celebrations on Thursday. This is when the weather is expected to improve. By Thursday, emergency responders should have all of the downed power lines and trees removed from the streets as well.

Among the area that was affected by this storm, nearly 2 million people lost power, more than 20 people died in traffic-related accidents and electrocutions.

A train from Chicago to Boston also got stuck in the mess. It was stopped in central Massachusetts with nearly 50 people on-board, according to Amtrak officials. The truck was stuck in Palmer, Massachusetts. The snowstorm caused a rockslide that blocked off the tracks. Passengers have been rescued and were taken to their destinations by bus.

The snowstorm has caused Amtrak to delay a number of other routes in the area.

Commuters are urged to check out “T Alerts” to see if any rail services have been delayed.

The rest of the week’s forecast is expected to be back to normal, with weather in the mid-50s. For a complete review of the upcoming forecast, visit the Boston Globe‘s website.

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