Motorcycle Accident in Brockton

Motorcycle Accident in Brockton

Vehicle accidents happen anywhere and at any time, and the consequences of these accidents can be devastating. It is essential for all drivers to remember the responsibility they have to one another and to keep in mind that negligent driving can have potentially deadly consequences.

On May 24, Brockton Police received a report of an accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle. The incident was reported to police at 9 at night and occurred near Pleasant Street and North Main Street.

Upon arrival, first responders found that the two people on the motorcycle needed to be taken to the hospital for injuries, the extent of which is still being determined. The driver of the small SUV survived the accident and is reported to have suffered only minor injuries. The scene was cleared shortly afterwards and the flow of traffic resumed.

Injuries and Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating as motorcycle drivers are not protected by a vehicle. Impact with a vehicle can do severe damage to people on motorbikes. It is so important for drivers to remember to check their blind spots and share the road with motorcycles, and motorcyclists must also follow the rules of the road and remain vigilant at all times.

Serious vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents can have devastating impacts on victim’s lives. We at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers know how severe these accidents can be as we see these consequences first-hand while we help victims and their families. As members of this community, we urge all drivers to always remain attentive. We also know that accidents can happen to even the safest drivers, so we are committed to helping victims recover what they need to move forward with their lives.

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