MBTA Injury Risks Increase with Ridership

Big Papi isn’t only reeling fans into Fenway, where riding with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has never been more popular. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), ridership broke records in October. Ridership for the entire month, when the Red Sox took home the World Series, increased by close to 4 percent over the October from 2012. During the month, there were more than 36 million passenger trips.
“Our October numbers represent the highest monthly ridership recorded since the beginning of the MBTA,” said Beverly Scott, MBTA General Manager.

MBTA accidents in Boston are also unfortunately common. Average daily ridership for the month jumped by more than 4 percent over October of last year. Daily, there were more than 1.30 million passenger trips taken. While ridership of all modes of transportation has increased, the biggest jumps were on the buses and the subway. It’s the Blue, Orange and Red Lines that carry an average of close to 40,000 more riders a day than they did in October of 2012. Buses landed more than 22,000 more passenger trips than October of 2012.

The Safety Department fields inspecting stations, buses, subways, commuter rails and boats to ensure a safe possible environment. Unfortunately, sometimes we experience human error and accidents occur. And that’s where rider responsibility steps in. By traveling smart, you can help to decrease your risks for an accident.

Bus-Riding Safety Tips:

-Try to wait for the buses around other people in well-lit areas. You want to avoid waiting alone.

-During off hours, you want to sit as close to the bus driver as possible.

-If you have any trouble while riding, make sure you alert the bus driver so that they can radio into their dispatcher, who can then notify the MBTA Transit Police Department.

-Remember to keep packages and strollers out of the aisles for safety of everyone aboard.

-Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

-Don’t get too involved with reading while you wait. Stay alert!

Subway-Riding Safety Tips:

-When waiting for the subway to come, make sure you wait in a central area that’s occupied by other riders. There’s truly safety in numbers.

–During off hours, you want to sit as close to the subway operator as possible.

-If there is someone who bothers you at work, move to another seat or to another car. You can also notify the operator.

-Don’t get too involved with reading while you wait. Stay alert!

-Remember that operators can be contacted through the intercom that can be located at each end of the car. Operators are able to radio messages to the MBTA Transit Police Department.

-If you experience a problem while waiting for the subway, you can always use the Police Call Box to get in touch with the Transit Police.

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