MBTA Accidents: Boston Seeing Increased Ridership?

Throughout the month of April, ridership totalled nearly 1.5 million per weekday. That’s the third month in a row in which the ridership has been more than 1.3 million and the 15th month in a row in which we saw increased ridership, according to the Boston Globe.

As the number of riders continues to increase, so do the risks for MBTA accidents in Boston and the surrounding areas. Although many residents use the MBTA ride each and every day, sometimes riders can become complacent and forget to practice safe traveling habits.
From April of 2011 to April of 2012, we saw a near 5 percent increase in ridership across the entire Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) system. During this time, weekday bus ridership reached more than 400,000 as well. This is the first time we’ve ever see bus ridership go beyond 400,000 for two consecutive months.

Our MBTA accident lawyers understand that one of the main reasons for the increase in ridership may be because of the availability of real-time MBTA arrival information for MBTA buses. Through this technology, riders can access apps and websites regarding the T and where their rides are in the palm of their hand, through their smartphones. These new apps were built by independent developers and help to alert riders about the location of their bus or train and when exactly it will arrive. These apps help to alleviate a lot of the confusion and the rush throughout our MBTA system. Informed travelers are prepared travelers.

“With help from a lot of innovative developers, we continue to build on the previous achievements of our trail-blazing open data initiative,” said MBTA General Manager Richard Davey.

With all these riders, it’s no secret that the T is a popular way for both residents and visitors to get around town. Again, we’re asking riders to be cautious when riding the MBTA’s buses, trains and subways. While they’re awfully convenient, they can be awfully dangerous, if you’re not careful that is.

“More than a hundred thousand smart phone users have downloaded apps that provide arrival time information for more than 180 MBTA bus routes,” said Jonathan Davis, MBTA General Manager.

Increase in Ridership:

-More than an 8 percent increase on the Green Line.

-Nearly 4 percent on the Blue, Orange and Red Lines.

-Ridership on commuter boats was up nearly 12 percent.

During the month of April, officials with the MBTA also voted 4-1 to raise most of our subway fares by about 30 cents. Bus fares were voted to be raised by 25 cents as well as a hike in commuter rails by about $1.25 starting in July. This is the first fare increase by the T in the last 5 years.

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