On May 14, 2020 the Chief Justices of the Supreme Judicial, Appeals, and Trial Court came together and provided “tentative” plans for the months ahead. They acknowledged that it will be a work in progress depending on the number of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations as well as any new orders on the State of Emergency.u-s-supreme-court-hallway-658238-m-300x225


It is important to ensure the safety of the court employees and the public before moving forward given that approximately 40,000 persons a day entered Massachusetts courtrooms. Since we are “all in this together”, we say thank you to the Justices for working to find solutions that protect not only the public but also the law and the rights of the people.

As of now courthouses will remain physically closed through June. It is expected that the courthouses will open physically this summer in stages and then only for certain matters that require an in-person appearance. Despite the closure, the Trial Court will continue, for the foreseeable future, to attempt to handle most matters that do not require an in-person appearance virtually.

It is hoped that jury trials will resume in September if schools also reopen. The Justices acknowledged the “challenges of conducting jury trials with social distancing during a pandemic are formidable and will require us to reimagine how juries are empaneled, where they will sit during trial, and where they will deliberate so that jurors can both be safe and feel safe.”
The Justices also noted that the courts will continue to explore new technology and they have made substantial progress in the last two months to transform the court system from one that almost invariably required in-person appearance to one that was almost invariably virtual.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and associated court closures, the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers has remained open providing uninterrupted legal services. Our dedicated team continues working on cases and maintaining communication with our clients. We have been able to maintain the high level of client care and attention that our clients deserve.

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