Keeping Safe on the Road As A Bicyclist

Riding a bicycle is typically a very safe activity. Especially now that there are better pieces of safety equipment available, and increased motorist awareness of the dangers of sharing the road. Massachusetts bicycle accident attorneys

Bicyclists also have their own set of laws to which they must abide like motorists. Bicyclists have the duty, too, of operating their bike on the road in such a way as to prevent the risks inherent in sharing the road with motorists. The prevalence of bike lanes have helped in decreasing injuries and fatalities.

There is still more that can be done to keep us all safe on the roadways when we share the road.

Preparing to Ride

Check your bike before you ride. A visual review of the tires, chains, brakes, gears, pedals and other pieces of the bike before you hit the road is a necessary safety check.

Always wear a helmet. Fatal bicycle collision typically result in a head injury. It is the most vulnerable part of the body while riding, and so it is important to protect it. Wear reflective clothing at times of the day that you know you will be hard to see. The riskiest parts of the day to ride are at dawn and dusk. Wearing reflective clothing or reflective patches can prevent an accident.

While On Your Ride

Utilize Bike Paths where available. Some Massachusetts neighborhoods have implemented bike paths for the safety of all residents. When riding on a bike path stay on the path to stay away from harm. Even on a bike, you must still ride like a motorist. This is because you have the same rights and duties that a driver of a motor vehicle has to the public. Follow all laws of the road and slow down for cars and pedestrians.

Avoid distractions. Being a bicyclist is a tranquil experience, but when you are in traffic it is important to stay alert and focus on the road. You have to protect yourself to avoid an accident, it will be much more catastrophic for you where you do not have the protection of a vehicle surrounding you.

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