Injury Accident on I-290 EB in Auburn

Injury Accident on I-290 EB in Auburn


Monday morning, April 30, 2018, a crash occurred in Auburn on I-290 EB.  A black Toyota was involved in an injury crash which caused a response from the Massachusetts Fire Department and the Massachusetts Police Department.  The accident happened around 9:52 am on the I-290 EB.

Due to the accident, police closed the right lane of traffic on the I-290.  They closed the lane long enough to clear the accident and conduct a preliminary investigation.  Once the accident was cleared and the injured person was tended to, the lanes were reopened to traffic.

It has not been made clear how many cars were involved or how much damage was caused to the vehicles.

Minor injuries were reported, but specific injuries were not identified.  The identities of those involved in the accident have not yet been released.


After a car accident, there are important rules that you need to follow in order to protect yourself.  You should make sure you get prompt medical attention, if needed, document any damage that may have happened, and you should not discuss the accident with any one else.  Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart.  They want to settle the case for the least amount possible, regardless of what is needed to cover basic medical costs or lost wages.

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