Dangerous Drug Cases: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Merck for Defective Vaccine

Dangerous Drug Cases: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Merck for Defective Vaccine

Sometimes pharmaceutical companies face injury claims for harmful side-effects of their drugs. When large numbers of people have similar claims, a class action lawsuit might be filed.

A recent example of this kind of legal action taking place involves a product known as Zostavax – a vaccine intended to prevent the varicella zoster virus, more commonly known as shingles.

Pharmaceutical Giant Merck’s Dangerous Drug Case Defined

In 2017, a class action lawsuit was filed against Merck, the manufacturer of the shingles vaccine. The action was filed in New Jersey, where Merck is headquartered.

The lawsuit alleges that the vaccine actually causes shingles in addition to various severe neurological diseases. A number of recipients of the shot have sustained permanent, debilitating injuries.

One formerly healthy and athletic patient became unable to walk just five months after receiving the vaccine. He has never fully recovered from his injuries. His claim pursues damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses, among other things.

The complaint notes that FDA approval of the shingles shot was based in large part upon a study of its safety and effectiveness conducted by Merck. Obviously, Merck had a vested interested in the outcome of this study, given that it stood to profit handsomely from FDA approval of its product – the only shingles vaccine on the market.

Dangerous Drug Case Lawyers in Massachusetts

At Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we have experience with dangerous drug cases in Massachusetts.

Product liability laws allow for drug manufacturers to be held responsible for injurious side effects their products might have caused.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous drug, you should be given time to focus on what matters most – your recovery. Allow us to take care of the difficult legal details for you.

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