Massachusetts Dog Bites: Don’t Ignore Risks of Stray or Injured Animals

A cute little pup was left of the side of Chichatawbut Road with a broken leg over the Fourth of July holiday. Now, officials with the Milton Animal League are looking for more information on the pup. They are also reaching out for help from the community and are trying to collect donations for his $5,000 emergency surgery, according to the Milton Patch.
Dogs are abandoned each and every day through no fault of their own. We’re working to get each and every deserving pup a safe and comfortable home. Unfortunately, many of these pups aren’t properly trained and may take some T.L.C. Our Boston dog bite injury attorneys are here to help you to get more acquainted with your new pup and to reduce the risks of any mishaps should you decide to adopt one.

“This little guy is only five to six months old and has a sweet and loving personality,” said Nancy Bersan, Animal Control Officer.

On the Fourth of July, a Good Samaritan stopped to help the pup who was injured and was limping down the middle of Chickatawbut Road. The passerby contacted local authorities for a little more help. When state police officers arrived, they were greeted with puppy kisses.

Officers took the sweet puppy to the Canton Veterinary Hospital where he was rushed off for surgery on his broken leg.

The dog has been named Trooper in honor of the officers who stepped up to save his life. Donations for Troopers’ surgery can be sent to the Milton Animal League at 181 Governor Stoughton Lane Milton, MA 02186.

If you’re looking into adopting a dog, there are a few things you should consider first. Review the following tips to help you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

You’ve got a new dog!

-Make sure that your dog is safely secure on the ride home!

-Figure out where your dog will be spending most of their time. Choose an area that’s best for “cleanup” as they may not be house-trained or will not remember any of their training in a new place.

-Make sure your home is dog proof. Keep chemicals out of reach, keep breakables out of reach and put away rugs or plants that you don’t want ruined.

-Make sure that you talk with the young ones in your family about the responsibilities and the dangers of having a dog. Make sure they know how to properly act around their new family member.

-Make sure the dog is introduced to everyone in the home. Allow the dog to smell and get to know each family member.

-For the first few weeks, remain calm and quiet around your dog, limiting too much excitement (such as the dog park or neighborhood children). Not only will this allow your dog to settle in easier, it will give you more one-on-one time to get to know him and his likes/dislikes.

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