Boston Ranked Safest Driving City, Critics Skeptical

Boston was recently ranked, by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), as the safest city in the country in which to drive. As you know, our personal injury attorneys have been reporting about a plethora of dangers and risks that can be found on our roadways.

And Boston drivers need no introduction. So, we’re a little skeptical about these findings. Boston drivers are notorious and your risk for an accident in the city is still high.
There were nearly 20 fatal car accidents in Boston in 2009. In these accidents, nearly 30 vehicles were involved. Drunk drivers accounted for 6 of these accidents. More than 20 people were killed. Many of those who made it out alive were seriously injured. It’s not just motorists who are affected in these accidents either. Pedestrians, bicyclists and other travelers are all facing the same risks.

According to the CDC’s report, posted on the WebMD, the most dangerous city in the nation was Orlando.

Even though the number of overall traffic fatalities has decreased in recent years, car accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for Americans. Just in 2009, there were nearly 34,500 people who were killed in car accidents. Young people are highly affected by these dangers. More than 20 percent of these fatalities were residents between the ages of 15- and 24-years-old.

“Proven population-based intervention such as strong graduated-driver licensing and alcohol-impaired driving prevention polices offer the potential to reduce more vehicle crash deaths among teens and young adults,” said the CDC’s Scott Kegler, PhD.

We’re asking drivers to take a look at their driving habits and the habits of their young drivers and make the necessary changes to help to make our roadways safer. We’re in the middle of the summer travel season, which makes risks for a potentially fatal car accident even higher. Be on the lookout for road dangers, be courteous of other motorists on our streets and drive defensively.

In the state of Massachusetts, car accidents cost nearly $400 million each year. Young adults racked in nearly 50 percent of these costs.

Although the number of car accidents in recent years has been decreasing ever so slightly, the risks are making a turnaround. That’s right. Car accidents are becoming more and more common on our roadways. As a matter of fact, there have already been thousands killed in the first three months of 2012. This is one of the largest year-to-year increases that we’ve seen in decades.

Parents are asked to talk with their teens. Reiterate the importance of following road laws, wearing a seat belt and practicing safe driving habits. Your teen wants to listen! Parents are the most influential in forming a young driver’s habits behind the wheel.

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