Information the Insurance Companies are Keeping from You

Did you know that if you have an attorney representing you, you are much more likely to get your claim paid by the insurance company? The insurance company actually does not want you to have a lawyer, and they Massachusetts personal injury attorney secrets of insurance companieswill make attempts to get you to believe that.

Every time you speak with an insurance adjuster, you are being recorded. They are trying to preserve any holes in your story as excuses to not pay out your claims. This is why you never want to talk to insurance adjusters, and simply direct them to your attorney.

An insurance adjuster will make you think they are doing you a favor by offering an out of court settlement. However, such a settlement is most beneficial for them. So don’t believe their bluff when they act like they will be prepared to go to court on your claim. They really do not want to. It is far more costly for them.

Don’t believe the hype surrounding the advertisements of insurance companies as your friend or neighbor. They are a business like any other, trying to make a profit.

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