Hispanics at high risk for Massachusetts work accidents

In a previous blog about roofing accidents, our Boston Personal Injury Attorney Blog reported that one third of roofing accident victims are Latino workers. Latino workers make up a third of those employed in the construction industry and are often uneducated about safety rights and necessary protection that should be used to avoid accidents at the work site.

Our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers know that Latinos are injured or killed at a faster pace on the job than any other nationality in the United States. That is why Latino deaths on the job is a continued focus for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
OSHA believes these deaths occur because many of these workers are untrained when it comes to workplace safety and face discrimination by employers because of their inability to speak English fluently. Also related as a contributing factor is the fact that Latinos work at some of the most high-risk and dangerous jobs in the Northeast region.

According to a study reported by U.S. News over 11,000 Hispanic workers died from work-related injuries during the period of 1992-2006. This equated to approximately 13% of all work-related fatalities, and a higher rate than white or African American workers in the United States.

In 2006, there were approximately 19.6 million workers in the U.S. that were Hispanic. According to the study, the average age at death for Hispanic workers was 35 years old and 95% of deaths were men.

Latinos working high-risk jobs like construction factor in the higher death rate. Other jobs considered at high risks for Hispanics are waste services, agriculture, transportation, and warehousing.

Last year, OSHA hosted a summit in Houston which included Latino workers, employers, unions, health and safety professionals, and government representatives. The goal was primarily to focus on minimizing injuries among Latino workers by increasing their knowledge through workshops and exhibits about workplace rights and how to voice their concerns when it comes to these rights. Some exhibits highlighted successful employers who have effective programs in training Latinos, while others offered resources to prevent worker deaths and injuries on the job both to employees and employers.

Employers have a responsibility to train each of their employees equally about the hazards faced on the job. Minimizing language barriers and increasing on-the-job training can help lessen the risks of Boston work accidents.

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