Electricity a primary cause of work accidents in Boston

The electrical power and transmission industry is extremely important to consumers who need power to go about their day. But for the workers who work in this field, it can be extremely dangerous.

Our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers feel that given the magnitude of the dangers employees face in these kinds of companies, safety should be a priority above all others in this industry.
Every two to three years, Occupational Safety & Health Administration renews their partnership with power transmission and distribution trade associations. Recently renewed in January, their goal will be to reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities of workers in the electrical transmission and distribution industry.

“I am pleased to see the members of this OSHA Strategic Partnership back at the table today to sign a new agreement. This tells that the previous years of the partnership have been successful for everyone concerned and that you find value in working with OSHA and with each other,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels. “The families of workers in this industry are counting on us to work together so that every worker returns home, safe and healthy, at the end of every single workday.”

Other members of the partnership joining OSHA include: Quanta Services, Inc., Pike Electric Inc., National Electrical Contractors Association, MYR Group Inc., MDU Construction Services Group Inc., Henkels & McCoy Inc., Edison Electric Institute, and Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

Other proposed goals for this group is to determine the causes of the injuries or fatalities so that steps can be recommended in preventing them; training employees once the methods for safety are established; and designing a strategy to make sure the goals of the partnership are being reached.

The partnership has experienced success in achieving goals in the past. The number of deaths went from 6 in 2008 to 2 in 2009. They also saw a reduction in Days Away from Work, Restricted Work Activity, and Transfer in Jobs reduced from a rate of 4.04 in 2008 to 2.95 in 2009.

OSHA offers a 10-Hour Outreach Training program that was completed by almost 4,400 workers in the electrical transmission and distribution industry. The completion of the program is advantageous due to the fact that workers can be trained on occupational safety and health hazards, as well as prevention methods to reduce illness, injuries, or fatalities on the job.

Most people probably take for granted having power in their homes and work places. There are dangers like electrocution and fires that are involved in jobs that help supply this power to consumers. Employers in these industries need to ensure the safety of their employees to prevent the risk of injury or fatality from occurring.

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