Great Barrington Female Dies in Car Accident

Annemarie E. Bushka, a female in her 60’s, was killed while driving mid-morning Sunday, April 15th on Maple Avenue in Barrington head o collision deathGreat Barrington, Western Massachusetts. Ms. Bushka was a Great Barrington resident. The man that hit her head-on was New York City man Robert Bacigalupi, also in his 60’s. He was also injured in the crash, and was transported to Berkshire Medical Center for treatment.

Great Barrington Police will request that charges are filed against Mr. Bacigalupi for vehicular homicide. They are still looking into how the incident occurred and ask that any witnesses please contact them at 413-528-0306.


Head-On Car Accident Injuries

Head-on car accidents typically involve vehicle to vehicle incidents, but sometimes a vehicle will crash head first into a fixed-object. These kinds of accidents can cause severe injuries to the driver and the vehicle occupants. Depending on the rate of speed of the vehicle, the accident can be fatal.

Usually head-on collisions occur because of distracted driving, inability to control the car, tired drivers, wrong passing technique, driver under the influence, the weather, and failure to abide by the rules of road. The typical injuries sustained in such collisions include head injury, contusions, cuts, whiplash, airbag burn, neck injury, damage to internal organs. Injuries can increase in severity if the victim was not wearing a seatbelt which could cause the passenger to be thrown from the vehicle.

A head-on collision will require a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to contract with reconstruction experts to determine what happened and who or what was at fault. If you have been injured and suspect that a third party is at fault, please call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers at (617) 777-7777 to get your case started. 

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