Freak explosion causes Massachusetts trucking accident

Three people were injured when aerosol paint inside a party truck exploded, causing the victims to be splattered in paint, the Associated Press reported.

Massachusetts trucking accidents are frequently caused by dangerous or unsafe loads, though exploding paint is not an everyday occurrence. Motorists who are injured in a trucking accident should contact a Boston injury lawyer to discuss their rights. In this case, the truck apparently belonged to a party rental company, which could be responsible if customers were injured; just as a Massachusetts premise liability claim would apply if a customer were injured on business property.

Massachusetts State Police reported that the driver was stopped on U.S. Route 3 in Tyngsborough on Wednesday; a passing motorist had alerted the driver to smoke coming from the back of the truck.

Police report the explosion occurred when the truck’s driver and two passengers opened the back door, showering them in orange paint. The driver and one of the passengers suffered serious injuries and were flown to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The other passenger was taken to Southern New Hampshire Regional Hospital with minor injuries.

State police continue to investigate the cause of the accident.

The Nashua Telegraph reported that the 2004 Mitsubishi box truck was owned by Christian Party Rentals. The State Fire Marshal’s office said equipment — believed to be aerosol cans — malfunctioned, igniting other supplies in the back. When the door was opened, oxygen was added to the mix and resulted in the explosion.

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