Four Shocking Statistics About Bicycle Accidents

Four Shocking Statistics About Bicycle Accidents

Only so much can be done to prevent an accident from occurring.

Responsible cyclists take every measure to be safe. Obeying the rules of the road, staying inside designed bike lanes at all times, utilizing reflectors and lamps during evening hours, and, of course, wearing a helmet, are all crucial to preventing injury.

In fact, wearing a helmet cuts the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury in half. Not wearing a helmet makes you over 50% more likely to endure an injury to the head.

Despite following all the rules and making every effort to ensure your own safety, some drivers may not respect your presence on the road. Add to this the dangers of drunk or distracted drivers, and the reality of accidents happening becomes inevitable.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle accidents are very common. With an estimated 80 million bicyclists on the road next to many millions of cars, it’s predictable that accidents will happen. Various reports have recorded the extent of these accidents.

These statistics about bicycle accidents suggest that all bicyclists ought to remember to be cautious and take every possible safety measure when riding, especially wearing a properly-fitted helmet.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Massachusetts

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