Federal Funding to Help Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in Massachusetts after 2011 Storm Damage

Roadways throughout the state of Massachusetts may be looking a little better in the near future. According to Richard Davey, CEO and Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), funding from Obama’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is being distributed throughout western and central Massachusetts. The federal aid was provided to the state to help repair roadways from the damage caused by the June 1st tornadoes and August 26th Tropical Storm Irene.
The first grant is about $4 million and will help local communities throughout the area to fix roadway damage from the tornadoes. The second grant is about $41 million and will help cover damages along the East Coast resulting from Tropical Storm Irene. The Hawlet, Goshen, Charlemont, Ashfield and Adams communities will be receiving these funds to help reduce the risks of car accidents throughout Massachusetts.

Our Massachusetts car accident attorneys understand that faulty and neglected roadways are a top contributor to a lot of traffic accidents in the area. With the storms we saw in 2011, there are roadways throughout the state that have been damaged and can be dangerous for motorists. These funds from the FHWA will be used to help increase traffic safety along these roadways. Government and Transportation officials have a responsibility to keep roadways throughout the area safe for travel. This can often be difficult with the recent budget problems. This funding will help motorists throughout the state who regularly traverse the roadways damaged by these catastrophic storms.

“The summer’s tornadoes and Hurricane Irene packed a double wallop, and it still shows in the damage to our roads, bridges, and infrastructure. You don’t bounce back from that kind of severe weather on the cheap,” said U.S. Senator John Kerry.

United States Senator Scott Brown says he is thankful local communities will be receiving the federal funds to help make the proper repairs to damaged roadways. He adds that the federal assistance will help to relieve some of the budgetary burdens that many areas around the country are fighting.

Communities that will be using the federal funds:

-Hawley will be using more than $7,000 to help repair the roadways along Route 8A.

-Goshen will be using more than $10,000 to help fix shoulder and road repairs along West Road.

-Clarlemont will be using more than $440,000 to fix roads and slopes along South River Road.

-Ashfield will be using about $15,000 to fix roads and slopes along Williamsburg Road.

-Adams will be using about $15,000 to fix slopes and roads along East Hoosac.

Within these areas, there was significant damage done to a number of bridges and roadways from the storms. In most areas, cleanup and repair efforts are still underway. Government officials have a responsibly to keep roadways safe for traffic.

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