Fatal Massachusetts Hunting Accidents a Reminder to Wear Orange to Reduce Injury During Deer Hunting Season

Recently reported hunting accidents during deer-hunting rifle season have our Boston personal injury lawyers reminding hunters to stay safe out there. Not only are you at risk of being shot inadvertently by another hunter but you could suffer a slip accident in the darkened woods or a fall accident from a deer stand.
Nashua Patch reported two separate Massachusetts hunting accidents on opening day. A man from Marlborough was shot and killed by another hunter in an early morning incident while hunting with his father and brother in Lisbon. Later that day, a hunter from Pittsfield was severely injured after being shot in the buttocks while hunting with a group of five hunters.

The Milford Daily News reports more hunting permits handed out in our region this year means more hunters will be out there looking for the ultimate prize, a multi-pointed buck. In an effort to control the animal population throughout Massachusetts, hunters will be permitted to hunt an additional 850 deer this year compared to last year. Massachusetts hunters are permitted to kill two bucks in addition to antlerless deer. In total, 9,000 antlerless deer can be hunted and killed in Metro West, Greater Boston and North Shore in addition to the just shy of 9,000 that can be killed in Zone 11.

With so many hunters out there this year, hunting safety becomes a prominent concern. According to NashuaTelegraph.com, wearing orange can make a hunter easier to spot even in thick brush or popular hideouts. Wearing bright orange doesn’t scare the deer away because they can’t distinguish colors like red, green, yellow or orange but it can make hunters highly visible to anyone else sharing the woods. Neighboring New Hampshire has reported 31 firearm-related accidents since 2000 but only 11 of them involved a hunter dressed in bright orange. All 11 were considered accidental from a fire mishap or careless handling.

Massachusetts requires hunters to be dressed in bright orange and take a hunting safety course prior to going out to hunt. Education and awareness can keep hunters safe and making the right choices when it comes to avoiding injuries.

Keep safety in mind by using these additional hunting safety tips from Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife:

-Never drink and hunt. Alcohol is a bad combo when it comes to using a loaded firearm.

-Don’t keep guns loaded when you aren’t using them.

-Use a haul line to raise your gun or gear.

-Only fire when you are sure of your target and what is behind it.

-Never run, jump a ditch or climb a tree with a loaded gun.

-When using a tree stand, wear a Fall-Arrest System or full body harness to prevent a fall accident from heightened levels. Make sure the stand is sturdy before using.

-Hunt with a friend in case an emergency arises and rescue help is needed.

-Keep a charged cell phone on silent but handy in case an accident occurs.

-Always keep guns and ammunition stored separately.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a hunting accident in Massachusetts, contact the deer accident attorneys at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, LLC for a free no-obligation appointment to discuss your case. You owe it to yourself to be compensated for your injuries so call (617) 777-7777.

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