Exercising Bicycle Safety in Boston

Exercising Bicycle Safety in Boston

bike-safety-1-300x214While it might be taking a while to feel like it, springtime is here and the warmth is slowly coming around to blanket us. Before anything else, we must understand that the warm weather brings not only the sunshine but the numerous people who enjoy it. One way in which we enjoy the warm, gorgeous weather, is by taking the bicycle out. There can often be no better feeling than a bicycle ride on a beautiful day, just so long as that ride doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Unfortunately, when we take these bicycle rides we need to exercise precautions more than anything else. Sometimes this can impede the amount of enjoyment we have, but the importance of bicycle safety cannot be overstated. Of course, we would all love to know that our cruise through the city is shrouded in safety, but that is not the truth. There are a number of safety precautions you must take as a bicycle rider in Boston.

The Basic Precautions

Obviously, you most likely know the basic precautions since they include certain things such as reflective gear and general awareness. Even though these stipulations are terribly apparent, abiding by the following precautions can save your life.

Wear reflective gear
Stay in your lane
Protective gear, such as a helmet
Ride with Traffic

The obviousness of following Boston’s specifications is one way to make sure that we protect our citizens in every way possible. We must continue to move forward in the fight to raise awareness. In any event, the accidents happen, and we must continue to find ways to fight them regardless of peoples’ negligence, which is sadly all-too-common.

Moving Forward with Basic Bicycle Safety

First and foremost, wearing a helmet is the number one safety precaution, although, it cannot always protect you. You can often take these basic precautions and still find yourself the victim of a bicycle accident. Keeping a keen eye out for bicycle riders, or keeping a keen eye out for motor vehicles as a bicyclist, you are solely responsible for the accident that might befall you. In any event, you need to make sure that you take every precaution possible, even though that does not guarantee your safety one hundred percent.

We can pour over the statistics of different bicycle accidents which includes the most common reasons for bicycle/motorist crashes, but it will always better serve you to be intensely aware of the ways to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place. Keeping some form of a rearview mirror handy will always help you, and precautions such as these can never be overstated.

At the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we understand that there are so many different reasons why you may have been injured and/or why you may have been put into the position of needing help in your suddenly or unexpected time of need. If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident of absolutely any kind, or if you have found yourself hurt as part of a motor vehicle and/or bicycle accident, do not hesitate to call 617-367-2900 today!




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