Driver Identified in Chelsea Bicycle Hit and Run

Man Charged With Drunk Driving After Passenger DiesThe driver in a hit and run crash with a bicyclist has been identified by authorities.  Previously, we reported that a bicyclist was hit on Saturday night on Revere Beach Parkway.  The bicyclist was injured in the crash and transported to a local hospital.  The driver fled his vehicle and left the vehicle at the collision scene with the bicycle still lodged underneath.  Later, police apprehended the driver about a mile away in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Police in Revere have now identified the driver as 27 year old Josue Flores-Ochoa.  Ochoa has been arrested and charged with several offenses, including leaving the scene of a crash, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and OUI-Liquor.  The remainder of the accident remains under investigation.  Massachusetts State Police are assisting local authorities in the investigation.

Massachusetts OUI

OUI is a major cause of collisions across our state.  Unfortunately, many drivers on Massachusetts roadways choose to drive while impaired on any given day.  Impaired driving places not only the driver at risk, but also every other innocent motorist with whom they come in contact.  The case of this Revere bicyclist shows that the consequences of OUI are often severe.  While law enforcement officers make every effort to help get these drivers off the road, they cannot prevent every OUI-related accident from occurring.  If there is any silver lining to this case, it is that the bicyclist is at least expected to recover from injuries which do not appear to be life-threatening.  Certainly, the accident could have been even worse.

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