Do These Tips Really Prevent Car Accidents?

As a motor vehicle driver, you have a duty under the law to keep yourself, your passengers, and the public safe. Driving lessons may have been something you had a long time Cape Cod Personal Injury Attorneysago, but it is those principles you need to keep in mind each day.

However, some of the things you think you learned may not be tips that actually keep you safe.

Some “safe driving” habits are actually the reason that certain injuries take place. Therefore, it is important to understand these things to prevent injuries.

Placement of Hands on the Wheel

Newer drivers may not know about this principle, that you should keep your hands at ten-o-clock and two-o-clock on the wheel. This is no longer taught. So, for more experienced driver’s, this principle is now obsolete thanks to air bags. If you in fact drive with your hands in these positions, you could suffer injury. It makes it more likely that if the air bag is deployed, or you are in a car accident, that your arms will suffer broken bones or even your face. Your hands should be at “9 and 3” on the wheel, according to the National highway Traffic Safety Administration recommendations.

Use of Your Cell Phone

Driving while operating a cell phone hands free, just makes sense. This is especially the view when laws are abundant across the country requiring driver’s to be “hands free”. However, research has established that even being hands free does not eliminate the distraction that comes from operating the cell phone. Engaging with the phone in any manner causes distracted driving and thereby potential injuries.

Seatbelts and Injuries

Unfortunately, it is not common knowledge that seat belts save lives. There are people who believe that wearing a seat belt can actually increase injuries in a car accident. The reality is wearing a seatbelt significantly improves your chances of surviving a car crash. There is never a reason to go without a seatbelt.

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