Child Seriously Injured following Daycare Accident in Boston Area

When we typically think of a daycare accident Boston, or the greater Boston area such as the town of Billerica, we tend to think of a child somehow getting hurt by falling, being attacked by another student, eating something he or she wasn’t supposed to, or even walking into the edge of a table.

868517_a_driverHowever, according to a recent news article from CBS Local Boston, a young child was injured when a sport utility vehicle (SUV) crashed into a daycare facility in Billerica, Massachusetts.  Authorities have said that local woman, who was 38 years old, was driving her SUV when she had what is believed to be a medical incident that caused her to lose control. 

After losing control of her SUV, she then crashed into several cars and drove onto the sidewalk before crashing through a fence surrounding the daycare facility and then into the actual building located on Boston Road. One witness reported that the woman’s SUV actually went airborne before crashing into the daycare building.

Witnesses also say that her vehicle was buried halfway into the building, which was constructed like a very large house.  There was a young child near the wall through which the SUV came crashing, and that child was trapped underneath the vehicle.  First responders were immediately called to the daycare facility and found that the toddler was still trapped under the car, but was alert and responsive. There were two other children that were also reportedly injured in the Billerica daycare accident, but those injuries are not thought to be anywhere near as serious as the child who was pinned under the SUV.

One of the daycare employees said she could not believe what happened, and this was after witnessing the daycare accident firsthand.  She said there was broken glass, debris, and dust everywhere, and children and staff alike were screaming.  For those in the building, there was no real warning about what was about to happen.

First responders transported all three injured children to hospital, and, while the extent of their respective injuries have not been revealed, it is believed that all of the children injured in the daycare accident will survive. Authorities say there was a total of seven children at the daycare facility at the time of this tragic accident – three of them were outside when the accident occurred and the remaining four children where inside.

While there is not likely a valid personal injury claim that could be brought against a daycare provider in an accident such as this, in the more typical accident that occurs at a Boston daycare facility, there is a higher chance that there would be a possible claim, but this would depend if the staff was negligent in taking care of your child. It should be noted that in this case, there have been no formal accusations against the daycare facility or the driver of the SUV, and the police are continuing to investigate exactly why her vehicle crashed into the daycare center and if there was anything that could have been done to prevent it.

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