Chevy Malibu Sedans Recalled Due to Risk of Injury

General Motors has announced that 2013 and 2014 Chevy Malibus are being recalled because of defects in the vehicles that are causing a variety of serious safety issues. Our defective product attorneys in Boston know that if any of the design defects cause people to be hurt in auto accidents, then General Motors may be held legally liable for resulting injuries. corvettes-778445-m.jpg

GM indicates that there have been no injuries as yet because of problems with the Malibu. However, those who drive a Malibu face an increased accident risk until their vehicle has been taken to the dealer and repaired.

Chevy Malibu Sedan Recall
GM has announced that more than 60,000 Chevy Malibu midsize vehicles are affected by the recall. As NBC News reports, the largest of the recalls is of the 2014 model year Malibus, with a total of 44,000 of these vehicles affected. In total, there are 42,696 Malibus in the U.S., 1,034 in Canada and another 676 in Mexico that may have serious problems that put the safety of the driver, passengers and other motorists at risk.

Problems prompting the recall include window defrosters in 2014 Malibus that are faulty. The issue with the window defrosters is that a computer operating the ventilation system may revert back to its previous setting, even after the driver puts the controls on to defrost the windows and windshield. This occurs when the cars start. Unfortunately, it means that the driver will not be able to clear the windshield while driving and thus may get into a situation where he or she is not able to see where the car is going.

The 2013 Malibus have a different issue: wiring underneath the seats could potentially start on fire. On Malibus that have eight-way power front seats, the wires can rub against the steel frames. As a result of this rubbing, the insulation may become worn away and a short circuit could occur. This, in turn, could prompt sparking or even a full-blown fire. The wiring problem could also cause smoke to fill the car; could cause the wires on the seats to melt, or could cause the seats to move unintentionally without the driver moving them.

GM has indicated that it will repair the computers in the 2014 vehicle and the seats in the 2013 vehicle at no cost to consumers. This is the least the company can do, as a vehicle that makes visibility impossible or that has a risk of bursting into flames because of faulty seat wiring is clearly not living up to its obligation to the public to provide safe, quality products.

While GM says that it knows of two unattended fires that caused no injury, and that no one was injured by the problems with the defroster system, there may be many more people who encounter these dangerous vehicles and there may be incidents of injury that haven’t yet been reported. If problems do come to light caused by the defects, those affected need to understand their legal right to make a product liability claim.

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