Bounce House Parties a Big Hit, But Present a Significant Danger of Injury

In children’s parties throughout Massachusetts, bounce houses have become a big hit. Bounce houses can be rented for birthdays, graduations or other special occasions. These rentals have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, but unfortunately, a study released on last month now indicates that the bounce houses present significant dangers to children.

Our Boston personal injury attorneys want to draw your attention to the new study and make you aware of the potential dangers of bounce houses. Injuries can range from mild to severe to fatal and kids of all ages are at risk when playing in a rented bounce house. 821460_woo_hoo_-_straight_jump.jpg

The Risks of Injury From Bounce Houses
On Monday November 26,, reported on the results of a nationwide study on the dangers of bounce houses. According to the results of the study:

  • 30 kids each day are treated in U.S. emergency rooms for injuries caused by bounce house accidents.
  • In 1995, only 1,000 kids ages 17 and under visited emergency rooms as a result of bounce house injuries. In 2010, nearly 11,000 kids (or 15 times more kids) were injured severely enough in a bounce house to go to the ER.
  • The number of kids visiting emergency rooms with bounce house injuries has doubled since 2008.
  • Three percent of children who go to the emergency room require hospitalization for their bounce house injuries. Broken bones are the most common injury that leads to hospitalization.
  • Approximately 1/3 of bounce house injuries affect kids ages 5 and under.

These bounce house injuries occur for many different reasons. Most of the injuries happen when kids fall either inside of the bounce house or fall outside of it. Many also occur when bouncing kids collide with each other. However, injuries have also been reported as a result of bounce houses collapsing or bounce houses being lifted off the ground by high winds.

When an injury occurs, it can be painful and expensive to treat, but fortunately most kids recover. Tragically, however, not all children live through bounce house accidents. Data from the Product Safety Commission revealed that there were at least four bounce house deaths in the study period. The deaths were due to head injuries and occurred when children struck their heads on hard surfaces while bouncing.

Who is Responsible for Bounce House Injuries?
As the number of bounce house injuries grows, concerns arise as to who should be held responsible for damages in the wake of an accident. The answer will vary depending upon the circumstances surrounding the injury.

In some cases, the company that rented the bounce house may be liable, especially if the bounce house collapsed. In other cases, the hosts of the party where the bounce house was located may be responsible.

Because of the complexities of determining who is responsible for bounce house injuries, it can be a good idea to talk to an attorney for advice.

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