Black ice a contributing cause to Boston car accidents

Winter can be one of the most challenging times of the year for Boston drivers to be on the road. As the cold weather approaches so does the dangers of winter driving. Black ice is a common danger of winter driving but its difficulty to detect increases the risk for a Boston car crash as the temperatures begin to drop during the winter months.

Driving on black ice is dangerous because it’s so difficult to see. It is a thin coating of ice on a road surface. Black ice is transparent so the surface below the ice shows through. If you notice the road surface you are driving on looks dull or is darker than the rest of the road use extra caution. These are two warning signs that can indicate you are on a black ice area. Those involved in a winter-driving accident in Massachusetts can contact a Boston injury attorney to discuss their rights.
Drivers should use extra caution when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Water takes longer to freeze than the actual surface. Road areas where underpasses or bridges exist don’t get much sun during the day so the surface tends to freeze first. If you feel like you are driving where black ice is a possibility then slow down. Don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you in order to give yourself ample time to stop. Make sure your windshield is clean by defrosting it thoroughly before putting your vehicle in motion. Good tire traction is the best defense when driving on ice. Although four-wheel drive vehicles are known for being a little better in snow these vehicles do not keep you from sliding on ice. Remember, it is your responsibility as a driver to drive at a speed safest to you and other drivers under the current weather conditions.

How to stay in control if you encounter black ice :

-Don’t brake fast if you need to slow down. Remove your foot slowly from the accelerator instead.

-Steer in the direction you want to go if your vehicle is sliding.

-No swift or jerky movements when steering.

-Never pump anti-lock brakes, keep your foot on the pedal. The anti-lock system will keep the brakes from locking up and slow you down.

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