Behavior on and off the street can impact insurance premiums and risk of Massachusetts car accidents

The factors that could contribute to your being involved in a Boston car accident may also result in an increase in your insurance premiums, making safe driving habits a means of both improving safety and saving money.

And insurance companies are paying more and more attention, according to a report on Yahoo!

“If the driver does get into an accident as a result of his behavior, his next policy renewal would reflect it,” said Robert U’Ren, VP of Quality Planning Corp, a company that assist auto insurers with validating and underwriting policies.

Behaviors likely to cause an injury accident and an increase in insurance premiums include:

Texting while Driving: As our Boston accident attorneys continue to report, a full-court, nationwide press is now aimed at stopping drivers from text messaging while behind the wheel. Thirty states have now outlawed the practice and even Oprah Winfrey has weighed in with the “No Phone Zone” challenge.

Those violating the law could receive a ticket, and their car insurance premiums could increase as a result.

Not wearing a seat belt: Nationwide initiatives aimed at seat belt enforcement continue to have an impact. An increasing number of states are switching from secondary to primary enforcement, allowing law enforcement to ticket violators even if they have not been stopped for some other moving violation.

Adding a teen driver: The mere presence of a teen driver on your policy will increase your rates substantially. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 20, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Several off-the-road behaviors can also frequently impact your insurance rates including:

Missing credit card payments:
While consumer advocates continue to argue against the policy, insurers continue to use the credit ratings of drivers in setting insurance rates. Companies claim those with poor credit or financial problems are a greater risk on the road and are more apt to engage in insurance fraud.

Paying insurance in installments: While motorists often saved a few bucks by paying all at once, rather than in monthly installments, that savings has gotten to be substantial. Frequently, a motorist can save several hundred dollars a year by paying in just one or two installments rather than paying by the month.

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