Update: Police Identify 4 Killed in Crash

Update: Police Identify 4 Killed in Crash

On June 11, an update has become available about a car crash reported on earlier this week. The car crash occurred in Berwick and killed four people. Initially, the names of the victims were not released, but these names have now been released by police.

According to authorities on the scene, the crash happened when 31-year-old Robert Howard of Buxton made an improper pass and slid into the path of another vehicle. Howard was one of the people who passed away. Two passengers in his car, Kevin Clark, 29, and Davin Clark, 7, were also killed. Barbara Allen, 73, also died. She was a passenger in the other vehicle. Four other people also sustained injuries in the crash. This incident took place on Route 4.

Injuries and Vehicle Accidents

While some car accidents do not result in injuries, there are many that do. Some car accidents can even lead to fatalities. The actions drivers perform while behind the wheel can impact other people around them. All drivers need to remember the duty of care they have to one another when they are commanding a vehicle. Negligent driving can have severe consequences, and it is a serious issue in the community.

We send our condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of the victims. We also send well-wishes and hope recovery to the other people who were injured in the accident. This car accident was an extremely tragic accident. Accidents like these leave family and friends behind to grieve the loss of their loved ones. They also leave communities grieving, and they remind us all of the importance of safe driving whenever we get behind the wheel.

We know how serious the impact of some of these vehicle accidents can be, and we wish that these horrible accidents did not occur. As we are also members of the community, we want our roads to be safe for all who use them. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, we are saddened to hear of these accidents and want to do our part to prevent them. When these tragedies happen, we are also dedicated to helping families receive the help they need to focus on the grieving process.


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