Weymouth Motorist Allegedy Flashes Knife During Traffic Dispute

As we recently discussed on our Boston Car Accident Lawyer Blog, road rage and aggressive driving puts drivers at increased risk for traffic accidents.

Roughly 90 percent of drivers say that they’ve either witnessed an act of road rage or they’ve been the victim in one of these incidents. Massachusetts is certainly not immune. After all, Boston drivers are legendary.
According to the Boston Globe, a 27-year-old driver from Weymouth was threatened with a knife by another driver. Police say that the man was heading down Peal Street when he let a motorist get in front of him. That’s when a second driver pulled up next to him and started yelling. Reports indicate that the men exchanged a few choice words before the enraged driver reportedly wielded a knife and pointed it at the other driver. The victim in the incident drove toward the MBTA station for safety. Unfortunately, officers were not able to track down the enraged driver, but they are still investigating.

Our Braintree personal injury attorneys understand how frustrating our state’s roadways can be. They’re awfully congested at times and are only going to get worse with the upcoming travel season. Drivers are asked to remain calm and to take the necessary safety precautions to help to eliminate the risks of any kind of road rage incident.

According to RoadRagers.com, road rage, which is also known as road violence, occurs when drivers partake in deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior after getting emotional, angry or frustrated behind the wheel. It’s when these emotions get out of hand that bad things happen and drivers make irrational judgments.

Acts of Road Rage:

-Hitting another traveler, object or vehicle with your vehicle.

-Firing a weapon from your car.

-Hitting another person who may not be in their vehicle.

-Physically harming any other traveler.

-Getting out of your car and approaching another traveler in a hostile manner.

-Yelling insults at another person.

Top Contributors to Road Rage:

-Traffic backups.

-Other’s dangerous driving habits.

-Bad weather conditions.

-Loud noises.

-Running late.

There are simple ways that you can avoid road rage. If you run across an enraged driver, you want to steer clear of them. Never antagonize a driver. Avoid making eye contact and don’t return their gestures. You want to drive to a safe place if you feel threatened and contact authorities.

You want to make sure that you have plenty of time to get to your destination. Rushing increases irritability and the risks for rage behind the wheel. Avoid traveling during congested rush hours and stay away from busy roads.

It’s important to remain calm behind the wheel. We’ve all got to get through the same traffic on the same roadways. Let’s all work together to help to keep everyone safe!

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