Rising Temps and Risks for Heat Injuries in Boston

It’s hot out there and we’re seeing temperatures well over 90 degrees. To help to keep everyone cool, Mayor Thomas M. Menino recently announced that he would be keeping the city’s 16 public indoor pools open even longer. According to the City of Boston, the pools will now stay open until 9:30 p.m. Boston’s two outdoor pools with still be closing at dusk for safety reasons. Residents are also welcomed to cool off at several water spray features throughout the city that are operated by Boston Parks Department — or in air conditioned community centers.
“Keeping pools open later this evening will help our residents find a few more hours of relief on this dangerously hot day,” said Menino.

Boston personal injury attorneys understand that there are a plethora of safety concerns and dangers that accompany this heat we’re experiencing. According to the Mayor and Boston’s Elderly Commission, seniors are to take extra safety precautions in this heat. Young kids and our elderly residents are particularly at risk for a heat-related injury or illness during this time. Still, residents of all ages are urged to keep an eye on how long they hang out outside. You should drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol of caffeinated beverages.

“A lot of the calls are coming in as minor illnesses because a lot of folks don’t realize that they’re dehydrated,” said Captain Jose Achilla with Boston EMS.

Help to Beat the Heat:

-Limit strenuous activity when working outside.

-Wear sunscreen.

-Wear loose clothing.

-Wear light-colored clothing.

-Take frequent breaks and rest in the shade.

-Consider taking cool showers of baths whenever possible.

-Stay in air conditioned areas whenever you can.

-Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heat-related injuries and illnesses.

“No doubt, summer temperatures are here,” said Mayor Menino.

Typically, close to 200 people die every year because of heat stroke. If there’s a major heat wave, the number of deaths can increase to over 1,500 people. Many times, victims of heat injuries don’t even recognize the symptoms until it’s too late. You might be experiencing a heat injury, illness or heat stroke if you have a throbbing headache, if you get dizzy, light-headed, have red, hot and dry skin, if you get nauseous or weak, experience cramps, seizures, behavior changes, lack of sweating or even notice an increase in your heartbeat. If you notice any of these symptoms you’re to remove yourself from the heat, cool off immediately and drink water or Gatorade. If you don’t feel better immediately, call authorities.

Residents are asked to be cautious of the weather, cautious of their internal temps and cognizant of the welfare of loved ones and neighbors. We can all work together to get through this heat wave safely, it just takes a group effort. It’s important to especially keep an eye on your elderly loved ones and the young ones in your life as they’re the most vulnerable in these kinds of situations.

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