OSHA Looks to Cool Down Work Injuries in Boston and Elsewhere with New Regulations Regarding Heat Outdoor Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupation Safety and Health Administration will be conducting a national outreach initiative in an attempt to help to educate workers and employers about the hazards of outdoor work. Proper precautionary steps need to be taken by those working outdoors in an effort to reduce the risks of heat-related illnesses and other work injuries in Boston and elsewhere.
“If you’re working outdoors, you’re at risk for heat-related illnesses that can cause serious medical problems and even death,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “But heat illness can be prevented. This Labor Department campaign will reach across the country with a very simple message – water, rest and shade.”

Our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers understand that working conditions can vary tremendously for outdoor workers. It is recommended that such workers educate themselves about proper measures to protect their health in all working conditions, especially during the hotter months.

Thousands of workers experience heat illness each year. The illnesses often manifest as heat exhaustion. If you suffer from heat exhaustion on the job and do not address it quickly, you greatly increase your risks for experiencing a heat stroke. This is a serious problem as heat strokes killed more than 30 workers last year.

“As we move into the summer months, it is very important for workers and employers to take the steps necessary to stay safe in extreme heat,” said OSHA Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels. “Drinking water often, taking breaks and limiting time in the heat are simple, effective ways to prevent heat illness.”

Heat dangers strongly affect those who work as landscapers, construction workers, road repairmen, outdoor airport luggage workers, agriculture workers and even car salesmen.

OSHA developed various heat illness educational materials in both English and Spanish. They’ve also created a version of it as a curriculum to be used for workplace training. Additionally, they offer a new

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