Massachusetts workers’ compensation insurance rates stay the same for another year

The Boston Globe is reporting that Massachusetts employers workers’ compensation insurance rates will remain unchanged through at least next year, saving big business money even as industry continues to complain about the cost of protecting workers..
Our Massachusetts workers compensation attorneys want you to know that big business should not be arguing that protecting and caring for injured workers is adding to their bottom line. Many employers will vigorously fight a claim to keep those costs down, which is why getting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is crucial after a Boston work accident.

Insurers were seeking a 6.6 percent increase. Massachusetts big businesses are thrilled with the rate freeze which will save them roughly $65 million a year.

“Our goal at the Division of Insurance is to make sure that these rates are fair, they protect workers, and that they do not overly burden employers,” Insurance Commissioner Joseph Murphy said in a statement. “This agreement does all of those things.”

We certainly agree that saving big business $65 million will not “overly burden” them. Last year, big businesses weren’t “overly burdened” when rates were cut by 2.4 percent.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 4,340 people were killed on-the-job in 2009. Approximately 3.6 per 100 workers have a reported serious workplace illness or injury. Workers’ compensation insurance provides for these sick and injured workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 59 Massachusetts workers died due to on-the-job accidents in 2009. Of those, 20 were killed from traffic accidents, 12 died from coming into contact with a dropped object or being hit by equipment, 11 died due to a fall, 9 workers were killed by a violent act or assault while at work and 7 perished after an exposure to a harmful substance.

If you are considering filing a Workers’ Compensation claim in Massachusetts, consult an experienced attorney who will fight for the benefits you deserve.

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