Massachusetts work accident injures two at utility facility

Two employees of NSTAR were injured in a Massachusetts work accident Thursday afternoon after a reported explosion at the utility’s Charlestown facility, the Boston Globe reported.

One worker was severely burned and another suffered smoke inhalation. Both were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. The workers were performing routine maintenance at a substation adjacent to the Mystic power plant in Everett when the incident occurred at about 1:30 p.m. Investigators are trying to determine how and why high-voltage electricity escaped from insulated wire, which caused a “flash incident” and injured the workers.

The company said the injuries were not life threatening. However, anyone injured on the job should seek the advice of a Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer to help protect their rights. Complying with reporting requirements and other legal mandates is essential to ensuring that you are protected in the event that future complications make it necessary for you to receive additional medical care or take time off from work. In the event that you later become disabled as the result of a Massachusetts work injury, it will be critical to show that your disability stems from an on-the-job injury.

Failure to follow the appropriate steps in the wake of a seemingly minor work injury can have a drastic impact on your future financial well-being. Tragically, some employees who have been injured on the job fail to seek the advice of a qualified attorney. By the time they determine a company is not acting in their best interests, it can be too late to seek the compensation to which they would have been otherwise entitled.

The Boston Herald report is available here.

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