Massachusetts swimming pool accidents, drowning accidents, a summer danger

Memorial Day weekend and the end of the school year is an excellent time to talk to your children about swimming pool and water safety. Massachusetts drowning accidents occur almost exclusively between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Tragically, most Massachusetts swimming pool accidents involve small children. Whether an accident occurs at a residential swimming pool or in a commercial pool, such as those at apartment complexes, hotels and public parks, families dealing with a drowning or near-drowning accident should contact a Massachusetts child injury lawyer to help protect their rights.
Property owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for visitors and guests. A premise liability claim should be filed in the event of a pool accident. Near-drowning accidents are complex medical and legal cases and frequently involve cognitive impairment that is not always readily apparent in small children.

While the majority of swimming pool accidents occur in warm weather states, including Florida and Arizona, there is evidence that children in northern states are at increased risk because of their inexperience around swimming pools.

In response to the high number of child deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is launching a Nationwide Pool Safety Campaign, which is aimed at improving pool safety in all 50 states through the long, hot summer months.

“It is important to keep in mind that these numbers represent family tragedies. Preventing child drownings year round is a priority for the CPSC,” said Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. “The Pool Safely campaign will start a national conversation with parents and children, pool owners and operators and industry professionals about the simple safety steps they can take to protect themselves and their families in and around pools and spas.”

-Each year, an average of 385 children die in swimming pool accidents — 299 of those involve young children under the age of 5.

-About 4,200 children younger than the age of 15 are treated in emergency room each year as a result of a swimming pool or spa accident.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission offers the following safety tips:

-Teach children to float or swim as soon as possible.

-Always provide adult supervision for swimming children.

-Even an adult should not swim alone.

-Teach children about the dangers of rough play, running, or diving.

-Never push anyone into a pool.

-Always go feet first on slides.

-Make sure other swimmers are out of the way before entering a pool.

-Keep rescue and first aid devices near the pool.

-Teach children what to do in case of an emergency.

-Keep electrical appliances out of the pool area to avoid a shock hazard.

-Never swim after drinking alcohol, eating or taking medication.

Massachusetts Law (105CMR435.00) includes strict rules and regulations governing swimming pool construction, maintenance and safety. Failure to comply with the law can leave a pool owner liable in the event of a serious or fatal pool accident.

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