Massachusetts pedestrian accident injures 4; police allege teen driver intentionally drove into a crowd

A Norwell teen is facing attempted murder charges after being accused of an intentional hit-and-run crash, Channel 7 News reported.

The Massachusetts pedestrian accident seriously injured three teenage girls and one boy. The Monday incident occurred in a Rockland condo parking lot in front of dozens of witnesses. The teenager reportedly drove his van directly into a group of teens after a dispute.

Police reported that the driver fled the scene and was located and arrested hours later. He is facing charges of attempted murder and leaving the scene of an accident. Authorities report he had five friends in the van with him at the time of the incident.

The three girls were reportedly dragged for some distance and two of them were in serious condition. The van allegedly drove up over a five-foot gravel embankment and left skid marks as it fled the scene.

The Boston Herald reported that one of the girls suffered life-threatening injuries. Police report the girls were dragged 30 to 40 feet and suffered serious head trauma as well as broken bones and leg, hip and abdominal injuries.

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