Installation of Bike Lanes on Mass Ave Should Help Reduce Boston Bicycle Accidents

A recent bicycle accident near Norwood involving two young boys is a reminder of how dangerous roadways are for bicyclists in our area.
Wicked Local Walpole reports two boys, ages 9 and 10, were struck from behind by a Toyota sedan as they were bicycling down the roadway in a rural area of West Walpole. One boy was riding on the bicycle while the other was holding on and being towed on a skateboard. The 9-year-old suffered head trauma and was transported via helicopter to New England Medical Center in Boston. The 10-year-old suffered a leg injury and was taken to Norwood Hospital. Local authorities report the 61-year-old driver claims she never saw the boys before making impact with the bicycle. The vehicle ran over the bicycle as the children were thrown to the opposite side of the road. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Sun glare, the influence of drugs or alcohol, and cell phone use have all been ruled out. Officials believe the driver was traveling under the speed limit, so speed doesn’t appear to be a factor either. Charges are pending the complete investigation of the accident. The boys have been released from the hospital.

Boston bicycle accident attorneys know that Boston streets and roadways are extremely dangerous for bicyclists especially on Mass Ave. From 2002 to 2009, several bicycle accidents have been reported at different intersections running along Mass Avenue. As many as 140 accidents and 100 bicycle injuries were reported at three different intersections during this time period.

City officials are striving to make Boston a more bike-friendly city. reports Mayor Menino announced plans in early November to install a bike lane on Mass Ave where parking spaces currently exist. Though bike enthusiasts are celebrating the movement, local businesses and merchants are not happy about the prospect of taking away business from their establishment.

The lane is being installed due to bicycling safety concerns. A student at Northeastern University is one of many cyclists who have had close calls or near misses while riding in and around the city. The City of Boston website reports from 2007 to 2009, bicycle ridership has increased by 122 percent. More riders mean more crashes. During that period, 37 percent of bicycle crashes have been with a car compared to 5 percent involving a pedestrian; most of them occurring on Commonwealth or Massachusetts Avenues.

Bicyclist and motorist awareness is the key to making roadways safer, even with the use of bike lanes. There is so much distracting technology nowadays for both riders and drivers that inattentiveness has moved to the forefront as a leading cause of bicycle-car accidents in Boston and elsewhere.

Whether you ride a bicycle to commute to work, to school or purely for the enjoyment and exercise, children and adults need to stay alert and makes themselves seen by passing motorists.

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